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Company NameRoid works gallery Co., Ltd
CEO: Toshikazu Iura

Art Dealer & Art Director. Born in Tokyo in 1974.
Inspired by his father, who was an art dealer, he established roidworksgallery in 2009.
He has organized numerous exhibitions and serves as the executive producer of the BS Fuji TV program “Break Zenya – Artists of the Next Generation.”

Head of Art Dealers Exchange Meeting Ichiichi Kai
Member of the Japan Western Painting Dealers Association and the Japan Contemporary Print Dealers Association.
Japan Western Painting Dealers AssociationJapan Contemporary Print Dealers Association Cooperative Society of Art Dealers Koyukai MemberContemporary Art Dealers Association Member

◉ Major Media Appearances:
Nippon TV “Uchi no Gaya ga Sumimasen!” (2019, 2020)
Nippon TV “Uchi no Gaya ga Sumimasen! New Year’s Eve Laugh Party SP” (2019)
TV Asahi “Hatori Shinichi Morning Show” segment (2019)
BS Nippon TV “That Child Does Not Read Manga.” Guest (2020)
Nippon TV “Nino-san” Comment Appearance (2020) and many more.

◉ Others:
Judge for “Independent TOKYO” (2017〜), “KENZAN”, “muni art award”, “Metasequoia Kyomachibori Art Fair” (2022〜) and others.
EstablishedFebruary 2009
LocationTokyo, Bunkyo Ward, Yushima 4-6-12, Yushima Hightown B Building 1F (Google Maps)
Business Activities:Planning, production, and execution of exhibitions and project exhibitions.
Art direction, planning, and production of print media, TV programs, and various advertisements.
Artist management. Sales, purchasing, appraisal, and authentication of artworks. Operation of art dealer exchange meetings.
All related activities.
Antique Dealer LicenseTokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission [License Number] No. 101014900010

◉Art Fair Exhibition History (Selected)

  • ART OSAKA 2022 (2022, 2023)
  • Art Fair Asia Fukuoka (2019, 2022, 2023)
  • One Art Taipei (2019)
  • ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO (2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong (2015)
  • Art Fair Tokyo (2012)
  • Emerging Directors’ Art Fair “ULTRA” (From 2010 onwards)
  • And many more

◉ Selected Thematic Exhibitions

  • “Break Zenya × Daikanyama Hillside Terrace – Charge through the Times! 38 Artists Selected by Tomio Koyama” Hillside Forum (Inside Daikanyama Hillside Terrace) (2020)
  • “Break Zenya Exhibition” Artglorieux (2020)
  • “Break Zenya Exhibition” Roppongi Hills A/D Gallery (2019)
  • “Break Zenya – Artists of the Next Generation Part II” bunkamura gallery (2018)
  • “Break Zenya – Artists of the Next Generation Part I” bunkamura gallery (2018)
  • “Break Zenya × Spiral” Aoyama Spiral (2016)
  • And many more

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東京都文京区湯島4-6-12 湯島ハイタウンB棟1F

1F Yushima High Town B-tou 4-6-12, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0034, JAPAN


+81 (0)3-3812-4712

  • 東京メトロ千代田線 湯島駅 徒歩2分
  • 東京メトロ銀座線・大江戸線 上野広小路駅 徒歩5分
  • JR 御徒町駅 徒歩7分
  • JR 上野駅 徒歩10分